Retailers are opening on Thanksgiving Day and you’re to blame!

No Shopping On ThanksgivingThere is much outrage on Social Media these days about the decision of several major national retail chains to open on Thanksgiving Day.  Let’s not sugarcoat the issue.  Retailers will be open because they know you will put your indignation aside and patronize their stores anyway.

Thanksgiving Day is the All-American holiday.  Whether you’re a natural born citizen, a naturalized immigrant, religious or not, this is the day where Americans can come together and celebrate as one.  However, consumerism is usurping this hallowed tradition.

Some people have always had to work Thanksgiving Day.  First responders, military personnel, emergency room staff, etc.  Gas stations, convenience stores, as well as a few restaurants, have traditionally been open.  Very recently, major retail chains decided to start opening on Thanksgiving Day.  These same chains have announced earlier opening times this year, sparking a tidal wave of rancor on Social Media sites.

Despite the acrimony, here’s what’s going to happen.  You’ll receive your newspaper on Thanksgiving Day, peruse the circulars, then decide you can’t pass up the bargains.  You’re going to leave your family celebration abruptly and queue up early for the stores to open their doors.  You might even take members of your family with you under the false pretense of spending quality time together.

Due to your hypocrisy, employees of these retail stores are going to miss spending time with their families on Thanksgiving Day.  Something that you’ll be enjoying, but your selfishness and indifference will interfere with others to do the same.

We’ve seen a decline in workers’ rights over the past few years in this country.  The American worker has become corporate chattel.  As more Americans are required to work on Thanksgiving Day, you could be next.  One day soon, you might need to set your alarm to head into the office on Thanksgiving Day.  Take a good look in the mirror as you brush your teeth.  You’ll be looking at the person responsible.

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