About Me

Dan visualizing a simplier life.

My name is Dan.  I made the conscious decision in the summer of 2013 to simplify my life as much as humanly possible with the goal of finding greater happiness as a result.  After being embroiled in a protracted battle with my previous Homeowners Association, dealing with a number of drama-driven people over the years, plus a health scare in 2011, a change in my life was needed.  Albert Einstein eloquently stated that insanity was, “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”  How true this is!

Why did I create this blog?  I want you to be my accountability partner.  You will help keep me focused on continuing down the path to a simpler, happier life.  It is also my wish to inspire others.  Please feel free to post comments on my articles as well.  Are you game?

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