Simplifying 2014

2014Happy New Year!  This is my first post of 2014.  I’m not a person who makes New Year’s resolutions.  Instead, I do whatever is needed when a situation arises.  It’s good to be flexible.

It’s been a little over 4 months since I’ve started the simplification process and I have no regrets about taking this leap.  For me, simple is the new rich.  Simplicity has brought me a wealth of happiness.

So, what does 2014 look like for me?  While I have substantially simplified my life in the past few months, more needs to be done.  Simplification is a process.  At this point, I can’t  foresee everything that I need to do to reach a point where I feel like I’ve done all I can, but I will cross those bridges as they present themselves.   It’s good to be flexible.

  More to follow.

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1 thought on “Simplifying 2014

  1. My resolution this year was not to make a resolution, failed it in that sentence. I decided on a word for the year “presence” my family is pleased thus far. enjoying reading about the simplification of your life, you are so right, when did life get so hard

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