A much needed update

UpdateIt’s been quite a while since I updated my blog. Apart from being busy, I was involved in a car accident in early December last year which had an impact on my life. I will get into that later in this post.

On December 8th, I was rear-ended. Although my car did not sustain much damage, I received a nasty whiplash. I’ve been in physical therapy twice a week and have endured nasty headaches on a regular basis. A few weeks after the accident, I started to experience some mild cognitive impairment which lasted several weeks. Fortunately, that has been put to rest now. I was on a 6 day Prednisone regimen last week which seems to have taken care of my headaches, at least temporarily. I still have ongoing muscle soreness in my neck and upper back, but I have physical therapy scheduled through early June. My recovery is progressing and I will heal eventually.

I last wrote about my transition to veganism in December, 2013. I am happy to report that the transition was complete a few weeks later. I have fully embraced the vegan lifestyle. For me, it’s all about ethics. I can nourish and clothe myself without inflicting pain and suffering on a sentient being. Apart from the injuries sustained in my car accident, I have never felt better. Excellent health is a fortunate side effect of a plant-based diet.

I have remained true to my commitment to date ethically. As of right now, I have nothing to show for it. Since starting this blog in 2013, I dated a woman for a total of 10 months. While there was much fun and passion in our relationship, it was initially very volatile. I have never fought with someone so much in my life. As the relationship matured, we found tranquility. Unfortunately, I was forced to terminate the relationship due to a deal breaker. A subsequent, for lack of a better term, something, showed great promise. I really don’t want to refer to it as a “fling” or a “relationship”. Sadly for me, things did not pan out. I am actively dating now and remain hopeful. While I am striving to simplify my life, love is very complicated at best.

I am still thriving in my small living space. Material goods do not make us happy. Experiences do. In fact, I do not have the room for any additional stuff. I treated myself to a somewhat impromptu trip to Italy last month which did wonders to recharge my batteries. With summer around the corner, I will be spending a lot of time hiking with my dogs in the mountains and attending concerts. There might be some travel in the cards too.

Updates will be coming more frequently in the future.

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