Transitioning to veganism. Mostly.

Vegan SymbolI’m an animal lover.  I’m also the proud parent of two miniature American Eskimos, as well as a 29 year old Yellow-Naped Amazon parrot.  I’ve wrestled with my conscience when it comes to eating animal-based protein given factory farming conditions.

I was first exposed to veganism in the early 90s working for Trillium Health Products.  I was an omnivore then, but also read a lot of literature on the vegan lifestyle that convinced me that it was a far healthier choice than my diet at the time, even though I ate pretty healthy back then.

In making my decision to simplify my life this past summer, I decided that I would transition to veganism.  I’ve watched several documentaries and TED Talks on veganism and factory farming which only reinforced my decision.  For me, it’s highly hypocritical to be consuming animal protein and claim to love animals.

I have some true barriers when it comes to being a vegan.  Quite frankly, there are many vegetables that I don’t like, including beans.  Given that my body requires roughly a gram of protein per pound with my exercise regimen, my not being able to stomach the taste of beans is detrimental to the transition.  There’s also the social aspect.  If I am at a restaurant and there is nothing vegan that appeals to me, I’m going to make the best possible choice that I can otherwise.  I did this yesterday on a lunch date.  A dinner invite at a friend’s house might also necessitate compromise.  I dated a vegetarian who was quite obnoxious in demanding that people accommodate her diet.  This is something that I don’t aspire to be.

I’m not sure if I will be able to make a full transition to the vegan lifestyle.  I do know that what I’m doing is making a difference to my health and the planet.  You might possibly be doing some soul searching yourself on this issue.  Let me offer you some inspiration.

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