The first 90 days of simplifying my life

90 Day AnniversaryIt’s been just a little over 90 days since I made the plunge of simplifying my life.  This post is a progress report of sorts.  I want to let you know how things, point by point, are working out.

My Smaller Space

I moved from a 2,000 plus square foot townhouse to a condo with a little over 1,000 square feet.  I will admit that I wish that I had about 200 more square feet, but I am managing to thrive in my smaller space.  I will need to purge some more possessions to free up some precious real estate, but I do not feel the least bit cramped.

My Pets

My two dogs, Aspen and Sissy, as well as Max the parrot, seem very happy.  I do not have a finished basement to watch TV now, so I am in the living room close to my pets when I do.  My dogs have become much more affectionate and seem to want to sit next to me more.  Aspen and Sissy appear to be much happier now that it’s harder for me to sequester myself away from them.  Max’s cage, on the other hand, is right next to the patio door and gets a magnificent view of the green belt.  As a result, Max receives more stimulation than he did at my old residence.  That, along with the fact he sees more of me in the smaller space, has made Max much more content and vocal.  The changes have had a very positive impact on all my critters.


I’ve never have been very materialistic, but now I do not have the space for it.  I focus more on spending my discretionary income on experiences, which take up no room at all in my humble abode.


As I mentioned in a previous post, I am attempting to find Ms. RIght without hurting anyone along the way.  After I made the decision to simplify my life, I put my pursuit of love on hold for a few months until I moved.  I am pleased to say that I am now actively dating.  Having had a dismal experience with dating last spring, my new strategy seems to be paying off.  While I am still unattached, I am definitely having more fun now.


I’ve been working out regularly for over 25 years now.  Up until my recent move, my exercise regimen unfolded in a health club with an abundance of options with regards to equipment.  Since setting up my minimalist gym at home, I need to make do with the limited space and equipment available to me.  I am very pleased to report that I have been able to exceed my previous level of fitness on several levels.  My core strength is better, my legs are stronger and more defined, plus I have maintained my leaness.  Up until the past Thanksgiving weekend, I was actually leaner around my abdomen to the point where pinching the skin on my belly was similar to doing so on my forearm.  After Thanksgiving dinner, as well as drinking copious amounts of beer at concerts the following two nights, my belly looked a little bloated after that weekend.  I’ve since lost the bloat, but I am not as lean as I was before the weekend.  Live and learn.  My shirt was actually taken off in a bar this past weekend and some pictures were taken.  Long story.  On the off chance that ever happens again, I would like to look my absolute best.

Transitioning to Veganism

That has been going well.  I have some whey-based protein powder to use up, plus I have not found a good non dairy replacement for Greek yogurt yet, which I consume daily for the protein and active cultures.  WholeSoy has a product that looks promising, but they are having production issues at the time of this writing.  Once their product is in the stores again, I will definitely give it a try.  Overall, I seem to be on target to all but eliminate animal-based products from my diet.

What about me?

My stress levels are way down.  I am more relaxed.  Increasingly, situations that I found annoying previously just roll off of me now.  Between the time I decided to simplify my life and its subsequent implementation, I isolated myself to an extent socially.  Now my social life is in full bloom.  I am trying new experiences now.  I am having more fun, plus I am more fun to be around.  The bottom line is…I’m much happier.




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