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Standing by the fireplaceYou might have already read my ‘About Me’ page.  After being deadlocked in a dispute with my former Homeowners Association for over a year, I had an epiphany.  I needed to rethink my priorities in life.

I moved to Colorado in 2006 from Washington state.  My original plan was to use the proceeds from the sale of my home in Washington to pay for a modest home in Colorado.  I deviated from my original plan since I liked the area where I was renting an apartment while waiting for my Washington home to sell.  The area was an easy commute to work, safe, plus close to many amenities.  Unfortunately, it was not possible to find a home that would not require a mortgage.  I made the plunge and purchased a nice townhouse with over 2,000 square feet of living area.

Fast forward to the summer of 2011.  I suffered a back injury that required emergency surgery.  I missed six weeks of work recovering, although my full recovery took much longer.  During this time, I gained a lot of weight.  I was quite fit and trim before the injury.  The recovery period was not kind to me.  I lost muscle mass and accumulated a lot of fat.  There was also some nerve damage in my right leg from the injured disk pushing on my sciatic nerve.  It was severe leg pain that sent me to the emergency room.

The dispute with my HOA started in the summer of last year.  Some siding was replaced on my home that in no way matched the existing siding.  The Board was unapologetic about  the issue and basically told me to take it or leave it.  As a result, I refused to allow them to paint over the siding until the issue was resolved.  Despite threats from the HOA’s attorney, I stood my ground.  The Board declined to take action and a stalemate ensued.

A little over a year after the dispute began, it became readily apparent to me that even if I pursued a legal solution to the issue, I would never be happy living in that community.  The whole experience left a bad taste in my mouth.  I started to rethink my priorities.  In the meantime, I had lost my post surgery weight and regained my fit physique.  Several months earlier, a long term relationship had come to an end.  After waiting a few months, I started dating again.  My efforts in finding love were fruitless and frustrating.  Change was needed!

I made the decision to sell my townhouse and use the proceeds to pay cash for a more modest home.  Dating was put on hold to concentrate on selling my home and moving.  I wanted to simplify my life.  Focus on needs, not wants.

I purchased a new place a little less than two months ago.  I am now living in a modest condo that is just over 1,000 square feet.  The area I live in is nice, but not as ritzy as my last residence.  I had a two car garage previously.  Now my car is parked in the open.  But I own my home free and clear.  I also own a small condo in the mountains of Southern Colorado where I like to escape city life.  That place is also owned free and clear.  I am also starting to date again.  My strategy is markedly different than what I was using last Spring.

I am still adjusting to the new lifestyle.  It’s a transition to be sure.  My stress level is way down and I am much happier as a result.  I wanted to keep this first post brief and lay the groundwork for future entries.

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